Maya Rubio produces art shows, workshops, and other multidisciplinary projects. She also loves teaching, b/vlogging, and writing about art. 


Shapeshifting is a group show and joint performance piece in a constant state of change. Artists are challenged to present their art in a way that is not certain nor final; as their pieces are called to be installed in new locations at various intervals throughout the gallery space during a public showing. Maya and Gabi set out to honor the show’s theme of shapeshifting by making the show itself into an embodiment of that concept. This performance also serves as an experiment, as the results are unknown to all participants - the artists, the curators, the gallerists, the audience.

When a collection of works are curated in a space, they are done so with intention, as pieces are installed in a way that aims to flatter the individual pieces as well as the show at large. Curators often seek to build a narrative or aesthetic cohesion in the gallery to elevate and support all work. The context of a curated, complete group show is a stable, professional, heightened place; a final place. Without this element, artists and curators are forced to place themselves in familiar existential realities: a sense of uncertainty, the burden of choice, and the sensation of being seen through multiple, ever-changing perceptions.