Maya Rubio produces art shows, workshops, and other multidisciplinary projects. She also loves teaching, b/vlogging, and writing about art. 


Artist: M’Kenzy Cannon

Location: The Tender Art Space (West Concord, Massachusetts)

Dates: May 4, 2024–

Let’s explore the public bathroom and all of its strangeness. Replicated fixtures, misplaced. The space invites everyone’s most private selves, becoming a kind of shared intimacy. The public bathroom is a petri dish for all sensoria — fragrant smells, what you touch, see, hear. One of the slipperiest places.

In Public Bathroom, Kenzy Cannon combines sculpture and installation to produce a familiar environment. Recognizable forms emerge, shrouded in plaster. A website extends the piece into virtual realms. What are your memories here? Water parks, gas stations, airports, in the train? I dream of the public bathroom often, usually the floor is wet and I am disgusted. Are you intrigued? Are you relieved? Feeling everything in the public bathroom.